Saturday, June 23, 2012

Artist Profiles- Mel Stringer

LOVE LOVE LOVE this artist.
Mel Stringer has got to be one of my favourite illustrators out there,
I first found several of her pieces within the pastel pages of my frankie magazine and the first time I laid eyes on her colourful images of strong and sassy looking females

I fell in love.

Her style is sweet, full of spunk, affecting and hard to match.
(I also STILL can't believe she's lurking in the same little 'ol town as me!)

see more of her beautiful pieces here

Monday, June 18, 2012

Artist Profile- Andy Smith

As is always the case with the internet, once you start on the path of following
an artist you admire 
you end up finding a whole swag of other amazing artists
in their wake.

Andy Smith is one such an person, specialising more towards the commercial side
of illustration his bold colouring and jaunty typography creates imagery that is carefree and so much fun.

(Needless to say I am a hugggggge fan and am already envisioning how good some of these prints would look in my room!)

See more of his great portfolio here

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Artist Profile - Ray Fenwick

I've come across this truly great artist a number of times through my many internet wanderings. His style seems a bit straightforward, almost simplistic at times but I feel simplicity often conveys the truest expression. A simple line or mark of a pen can show more signs of life and movement than a hundred detailed pen strokes.

See the rest of his amazing drawings and portfolio here